About Us

Slanted & Enchanted Preschool opened in San Francisco in 2011. In fall of 2019, we closed our San Francisco location and began the process of moving to Benicia. We opened our doors at the Benicia location in June of 2020, 3 months into lock-down. During that first year, we widened our age-range to accept families with siblings in order to lower our household count. We rode the waves of running a preschool program while simultaneously overseeing school-aged distance-learning until spring of 2021. The class of 2021-2022 became our first class to focus exclusively on preschool (since leaving San Francisco) and the age range changed to include children just turning 2 years old until pre-K and Kindergarten entrance. Many of the children in this class had never been in group care because of the pandemic. Our curriculum shifted to meet their needs, maintaining some pre-K readiness skill-building but with our main focus being intentional social and emotional learning.