About Us

Claire-Zach-275Slanted and Enchanted started out as a husband and wife team.  Claire is a credentialed teacher with years of experience both in early childhood and in elementary level education.  Her husband Zach’s fun-loving nature has always made him a hit with children.  When the school first opened, Zach worked as a teacher while attending evening classes at San Francisco Law School.  As our school (and Zach’s need for study time) grew, we added two more teachers, Teacher Regan and Teacher Michelle.  (Zach has since passed the bar and is not as involved in the school as he once was, but the kids still love joking around and being super-silly with him!)  In addition to maintaining 3 teachers a day, both Zach and I are lucky enough to have family close by and both of our moms volunteer on a weekly basis.  On Tuesdays we are joined by Zach’s mom, Teacher Heidi, and on Wednesdays by Claire’s mom, Teacher Marsha.  Our moms love working with the children, but their presence serves a purpose beyond being a helpful 4th staff member.  In the event that any of our Teachers need to take a sick day, Marsha and Heidi become our go-to substitute teachers.

Slanted and Enchanted is a home-based pre-K program which specializes in the needs of children 3.5 years of age to kindergarten entrance.  Offering individualized care in a small group setting, Slanted and Enchanted delivers a delicate balance between play-based learning and a structured kindergarten readiness curriculum.  Unlike larger centers, our class size will never exceed 12 children and our adult to child ratio is 1 to 4 (at times our ratio is 1 to 3).    We are conveniently located only four blocks away from the Balboa Park BART and Muni station and the Ocean/Geneva onramp to interstate 280.