Physical Environment



The physical environment of Slanted and Enchanted is greatly inspired by the Victorian era home in which it is set.  We have spent countless hours restoring the home and shaping it to meet the needs of the children.  The result is a 1,040 square foot interior space dedicated to activities appropriate for children aged 3 to 5 years old.  There is the block and dramatic play room, nap and circle time room, art and dining room, kitchen, library, cubby room, and children’s bathroom.  Our back yard is home to a school garden, sand and water play area, a track for racing bikes, swings, slide, and art area.

Toys and materials have been carefully selected to draw out imagination and creativity.  Open ended toys and supplies are made available and teachers assist the children in making their own dreams a reality.  Wooden blocks and dress-up supplies are placed next to each other to encourage integrated play.  A light table is stocked with math and science manipulatives, and art supplies are rotated to extend the current learning theme.  Indoor and outdoor easels explore the world beyond primary colored paint and brushes, including splatter painting, shaving cream, spray bottles, and kitchen utensils as paint applicators.  In the heart of our home, a sensory table is filled with intriguing materials for children to touch, pour, and mold.  Because children learn with their hands, at Slanted & Enchanted we strive to fill those hands with a rich variety of materials.