Educational Training

In 2008, I returned to San Francisco State to earn my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.  I student taught within the San Francisco Public School District, spending the first year in a fourth grade classroom at Sunnyside Elementary and the next year in Kindergarten classrooms at Miraloma Elementary  (both as a student teacher and long-term substitute).  After graduating with my credential, I worked as a substitute teacher for several public and private schools, both at the preschool and elementary school level.

Because of my experience working with pre-elementary school children, I began pursuing classes which specifically focused on early childhood education, eventually earning my core units for an Early Childhood Education Credential.  During this time, I spent a summer working as a lead outdoor instructor for Camp Galileo’s kinder-aged campers.  In the fall of 2010, I returned to the indoor classroom at Bright Horizon’s 2nd Street, where I worked as a lead pre-k teacher for the remainder of the school year.  Working in a corporate child-care environment, I learned to adhere to the strictest health and safety guidelines.  I also received a great amount of training and professional development in the areas of curriculum and documentation.

In 2011, I returned to the home environment, bringing with me all that I have learned from the different educational settings in which I have taught.  In the home environment, I will be providing the type of individualized care that is so hard to deliver in large centers.  I also bring with me the professionalism and high educational standards that can be so hard to find in the typical home daycare setting.  As I hope you will come to know, Slanted and Enchanted is an extraordinary space which delivers the best of many educational settings.